Products & Services

Unique to most prop rental houses, we are a boutique lab specializing in custom made artifacts for the film and TV industry, and beyond—possessing one of the most comprehensive mold inventories in Canada.

Our services range from stunt safe props and firearms to costume components, armour, set dec pieces, corporate art, practical and creature FX.

Smile for the camera! Stunt rubber version of Deadpool 2 desert eagles.
Original gun design by Ken Palkow.

“We’re Guards”! Kevin Smith with the Teri Hatcher back up dancers from Supergirl.
Armour by Charron. Belts and staffs by Emma and Elliot Montello.


Since its inception, our shop has provided its services to almost every production shot in Western Canada, including features such as: The Revenant, Skyscraper, The Predator, Deadpools I & II, Alpha, War for the Planet of the Apes, The Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Falling Skies, Hell on Wheels, Fargo, and Altered Carbon.

For a comprehensive list of our credits, please check out our IMDb page.


At Charron Custom Props & FX, we stand behind our team, our products, and especially our clients.

The film and TV production industry is a fast-paced, stressful, and unpredictable beast that demands everything of the people that work in it. It’s fluid and ever changing. Heart stopping and heart breaking. I think that’s why we do it.

We get it. We are here to make sure you get what you need—when you need it. In all the chaos and crazy, you can count on us. We have your back.

Our crack team after a gruelling weekend of painting/aging for DC Legends of Tomorrow.
Suit design and construction by Aaron Harrison.